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Trees are living organisms that sometimes require specialist maintenance to preserve them as they can offer a variety of unique habitats for different species of invertebrates and mammals. Sometimes though structural defects can occur that can be potentially devastating to surrounding structures or habitats.


At Alt Arb we specialise in the preservation and creation of habitats both within the tree’s crown and surrounding environment. Should a tree become structurally unstable or there is the desire to create additional habitat within the structure of a tree we can help.

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Tree Bracing involves the installation of a non-invasive synthetic rope system within the canopy of a tree to maintain its structure.


It can be used to create a dynamic semi rigid system maintaining the branch structure of the tree allowing the tree to adapt and strengthen.


An alternative method is a rigid system where there is a high risk of potential branch failure so the branch will be held by the bracing system to minimise any potential damage to the surrounding environment.

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Fracture pruning, more commonly known as “Coronet Cuts”, is the recreation of failed limbs within a tree’s structure to create potential habitat for invertebrates and mammals.

Where possible we try to recreate a natural fracture using specialist equipment to allow the branch to fail in a controlled manner where possible. We can also utilise specialist tools, including chainsaws, to recreate the natural fractures at the a cut branch.


Trees that are potentially in decline but have a high value to wildlife habitat creation can be pruned into a standing single stem or trunk.


All of the limbs are removed to create standing deadwood but the structure of the tree will require future inspections to identify any potential structural defects or root plate failures.



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Forest Trees


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