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Why choose Alt Arb Ltd for your tree surgery services?

  • Professional, safe and knowledgeable tree surgeons who are fully qualified and experienced to provide you the best care for your trees.

  • All our tree work is carried out to BS 3998:2010 Tree Work Recommendations.

  • We’re insured and have £5 Million Public Liability & £10 Million Employers Liability Insurance.

  • Member of the Arboricultural Association, the UK’s leading organisation for tree care professionals.

  • We can manage all aspects of working with trees in Conservation Areas or trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).

How much will it cost to cut my tree down?

Every tree is unique. Therefore, we consider a wide range of factors, such as your location, accessibility, obstacles, size of the tree, and other job specifications. To get a better idea of cost, get your quote.

What happens with all the branches and wood?

The branches are chipped using machines called Woodchippers which require specialist training. The wood chip produced is then recycled being utilised as mulch for planting projects, chippings to restore well used footpaths or for biomass to help produce electricity to supply your home with electric.


The wood or logs are often processed into firewood. However larger timber, such as the main trunk sections, we recycle supplying local sawmills who will then convert the trunk sections into useable timber for furniture projects. So, 100% of the waste produced from our tree work is recycled being utilised by the local community.

Do I have to be in while the work is undertaken?

You don’t necessarily need to be present while we undertake your work, however you might miss out on the unique skill set that our tree surgeons demonstrate while undertaking your tree work. 


What if my tree is protected (i.e. Tree Preservation Order)?

We can liaise with your Local Planning Authority, including completing planning applications for the tree work to be undertaken on any trees that are subject to additional legislative protection.

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, or online banking; whatever is easiest for you. We will invoice you upon the completion of the tree work that’s been accepted through the written quote provided.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch!

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